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The Story
The Story

Color Vision
by Pförtner

COLORVISION was conceived to cater to the high-end market in colored contact lenses with premium quality, style, and comfort in mind. COLORVISION is made in Brazil by Pförtner, a renowned industry expert that has withstood the test of time and that today bears its mark on many brands globally. Originally from Germany, the Pförtner family worked in crafting prosthetic eyes for victims of World War II and thus mastered the art of replicating the natural iris. For decades, the Pförtner family has been working using the same artisanal skills passed down for three generations, also utilizing the latest innovations in the world of colored contact lenses.

The Craft
The Craft

What Makes Color Vision Special

COLORVISION is made using the artisanal Pförtner technique which keeps the pigments out of contact with the eyes, ensuring safety and comfort for more than 14+ hours of daily wear. In addition to that, COLORVISION imparts a natural look to the wearer, thanks to keeping 20% of the colored area transparent, blending with the natural eye color.


Premium Manufacturing Process

COLORVISION is a premium CE-approved monthly colored contact lens manufactured with utmost clinical and safety measures. We employ strict manufacturing procedures at our cleanrooms in Porto Alegre, Brazil, ensuring the sterility of our end product. As well, we test each lens individually for quality and perform constant fit tests. COLORVISION monthly colored contact lenses are manufactured using dyes from purely natural sources.

The Specs
The Specs

Available as Regular and Prescription Lenses

Replacement Schedule Monthly
Wearing Schedule More than 14 hours (awake)
Water Content 55%
Lens Material HEMA 55 Hydrophilic
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Diameter 14.2 mm
Modulus 0.38 MPa
Lens Power Available -15.00 to +12.00

Our brand ambassadors

Color Vision vows for bringing out your inner beauty, your inner colors! We opt for brand ambassadors who are women of quality as much as they are of beauty to reflect our focus on premium quality and splendor…